Men’s health



Did you know that men are three times more likely than women to be alcohol dependent and twice as likely to be drug dependent?

Addiction is a condition where you compulsively use a substance or carry out a behavior that causes you harm. Common addictions include gambling, drugs, alcohol, nicotine and work addiction.

Warning signs of an addiction include:

  • A strong desire to take a substance (e.g. drugs) or carry out a behaviour (e.g. gambling)
  • Difficulty in stopping or controlling said behaviour
  • Suffering from withdrawal symptoms
  • Needing to take more of the substance or carry out more of the behaviour to achieve the same effect
  • Neglecting other interests or relationships to the point where the addiction is taking over your life.

If you’re struggling with an addiction the most important thing is to get help. Alcoholics Anonymous is a great organisation for those with alcohol addiction, while Frank offers support with drugs.

If you’re looking for tips to quit smoking visit our blog for advice. The NHS also has support for other addictions.