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Nutrition and Health & Wellbeing

Why is nutrition important?

There is a strong link between nutrition (what we eat) and our health & wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet is important as it plays a big part in looking after our overall health, giving us the best chance of staying well, feeling good and being at our best.

A well-balanced diet gives our body the nutrients it needs to function well, which means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

There is also a strong relationship between the food we eat and our mood. What we consume directly affects our blood sugar levels, which can then impact on our mood, how we feel, as well as our energy levels.  

When it comes to our diet, prevention is better than cure. Conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes and even some cancers can be prevented through our lifestyle choices. A healthy diet and good lifestyle choices also support our body to be more resilient against infections and viruses, which is more important than ever right now.

If you would like some tips and advice on nutrition and how to stay healthy by eating well, click on the links below:

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