Supporting children with stress

Supporting children with stress

There’s no doubt that the current situation we’re facing is causing us all to feel a certain amount of stress and even anxiety – but this doesn’t just happen to adults. Children may understandably be concerned or worried by what they see, read or hear in the news, online or at school regarding coronavirus. As a parent or carer, it’s good to check in and see how they are feeling.

  1. Explain and check-in – We’ve found a great activity book online, from Mindheart which helps explain Coronavirus to young children. It’s a great interactive tool to start a conversation about how they might be feeling and how they can keep themselves safe too.

  2. Routine is important – Although, your usual routine may be disrupted whilst the schools are closed and most parents are working from home. It’s important to keep as many regular routines as possible, so that your child/children feels safe and that things are stable.

  3. Keep connected – Feeling connected and talking to people they trust, can help when we’re feeling stressed. Try to keep in regular contact with friends and family whether that’s on the phone, video calls or writing letters – it’s a great way to feel connected.

  4. Tell them the facts – Limit worry, by reducing the time you and your family spend watching or listening to media coverage – as this can feel overwhelming. Encourage the use of trusted sources, be prepared to answer any questions and limit access to news if appropriate, to reduce worry. This includes news channels or radio playing in the background.

  5. Try to keep them busy – We know it can be challenging to work from home, educate your children and keep them entertained. It can be a great idea to create a routine for them similar to their school day, with regular breaks etc. remember you need these to!

  6. Burn energy – They might not be able to do their usual sports and after school clubs but that doesn’t mean they can’t exercise. Exercise releases endorphins in our bodies, giving us all a natural high. There are lots of online exercise classes for kids to help them have fun, keep active and stay healthy. Build this into a routine each day, giving them a choice of what they’d like to do.

Try out our tips to help you and your family to deal with stress. If you’re struggling please chat with us online or call our helpline on 08081 311 333 who can help you access additional online programmes to help you manage your mental health.

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