Real-life stories

These are personal stories shared by real people who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry. These people came to Ben when things got too much and they needed some help to get them back on track. Life can be tough and sometimes we all need some extra support to get us through.

Thank you to the amazing people who share their stories – you inspire and encourage other people, by letting them know it’s OK to ask for help.

And, thank you to our incredible fundraisers. Without you, people like Dan, Sarah & thousands of other people would be struggling on their own. We couldn’t do what we do without your support.


Dan's story

Dan found himself struggling when he discovered his daughter had an eating disorder. 

Matthews story

Matthew's story

Matthew lost his mum at 6 years old and then suffered emotional and physical abuse from his dad’s new wife. 

Rob's story

Rob's story

Rob has spina bifida and sometimes had to ask friends to help him get out of bed as he couldn't afford the electric bed he needed.


Derek's story

Derek was in a motorbike accident that left him disabled and he couldn’t afford to buy the electric wheelchair he needed.


Laura's story

Laura was suffering with her mental health and was also struggling to pay the mortgage and feed her family.


Jane's story

Jane couldn’t afford a new oven when she lost her job so lived on microwave meals and jacket potatoes for nearly 2 years. 


Mike's story

Mike was struggling after losing his father in law, his uncle’s cancer diagnosis and starting a busy new job.


Winston's story

Winston felt alone after finding out he had Leukaemia. When his boiler broke, he was left for 9 months without heating.


Derren's story

Derren discovered he had prostate cancer. He's raising awareness that early detection has good outcomes.


Clare's story

Clare hit rock bottom when her grandad died. She was struggling to cope with her grief and suffering with anxiety.


Di's story

Di, who works for TrustFord, asked for support from Ben when she was worried about her daughter’s mental health.


Jake's story

Jake became overwhelmed when caring responsibilities for his father, work and family life became too much.


Jamie's story

Jamie needed support when he struggled with depression following two failed marriages and losing his dad.


Wayne's story

Wayne had been struggling with anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, triggered by difficult life events.


Danny's story

Danny felt lost and hopeless after his relationship broke down and he was forced to move away from his children.


Ryan's story

Ryan and his wife were worried about finding the money to pay for the autism assistance dog their daughter needed.


Pippa's story

Pippa had debt collectors at her door, and she was struggling with a physical health condition which had led to issues at work.


Charlotte's story

When Charlotte found herself isolated from loved ones and unable to do everyday tasks she felt like she had hit rock bottom.


Alison's story

Alison was struggling to cope and focus on everyday life, which was affecting her work and home life, so she contacted Ben.


Dave's story

Dave was in extreme physical pain due to an accident. When his sick pay stopped, he couldn’t afford to put food on the table.


Dan's story

Dan was left devastated after losing his partner of 15 years, his grandma and his dad within 18 months.


Sarah's story

Sarah bravely tells her story about how Ben supported her with her mental health after she lost both parents in just 18 months.


Charlotte's story

Charlotte needed support when she was struggling with depression, anxiety and OCD.


Nigel's story

Nigel had been bullied at work for 2 years and the situation just got worse when he lost a family member.


Will's story

The excessive nature of Will's sales role triggered severe anxiety and panic disorder, and it wasn't just him who was affected.

Photograph of Brady and his family

Brady's story

After losing his baby girl, Brady quickly found himself in a spiral of financial hardship which took over his life.


Darrell's story

Darrell struggled with depression after giving up his job as a recovery truck driver to care for his son.


Bill's story

Bill was feeling low and struggling to cope with doing normal things, with no energy to do anything

Bearded guy in dark blue sweater leaning on a railing on the street, looking aside seriously.

Lloyd's story

Moving away from friends and family for his dream job left Lloyd feeling lonely and depressed.

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