Health and wellbeing

Real-life stories

Real-life stories

These are personal stories shared by real people who work, or have worked in the automotive industry. Life can be tough and sometimes we all need a bit of extra support to get us through.

Thank you to the amazing people who share their stories – you inspire and encourage other people, by letting them know it’s OK to ask for help.

And, thank you to our incredible fundraisers. Without you, people like Dan, Sarah & thousands of other people would be struggling on their own. We couldn’t do what we do without your support.

Dan struggled to cope after losing three family members

Dan was left devastated after losing his partner of 15 years, his grandma and his dad within 18 months. Dan was under extreme stress, his mental health was suffering and he was struggling to cope with the grief of losing three of his loved ones. It was then he admitted he needed help.

Sarah’s story about how grief affected her mental health

In this short film, Sarah bravely tells her story about how Ben supported her with her mental health after she lost both of her parents in just 18 months. After her parents died, Sarah was told to leave her family council home, her relationship broke down and couldn’t cope on her own anymore. A compelling, emotional story which is well worth a watch.

Dave struggled to pay for food after a back injury

This short film tells the story of Dave who seriously damaged his lower back after a fall and had to be signed off from work. Not only was Dave in extreme physical pain but, when his sick pay stopped, he couldn’t afford to put food on the table. Dave was constantly worrying about his finances and became depressed when he couldn’t afford to travel to see his children. He ‘hit a brick wall’ and desperately needed somewhere to turn.

Don’t wait, just make that call to Ben today

Wayne has struggled with compulsive behaviours, anxiety and depression. But one day, when things were really bad and he didn’t know where to turn – he called Ben.