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Clive's story

Clive was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in early 2022. He was struggling to pay his rent and bills and felt he had nothing to look forward to...

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"I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in February, had surgery soon after and I’ve had multiple rounds of chemo.

"I’ve been off work for months, using credit cards to make ends meet. My sick pay ended, and I couldn’t even cover my priority bills. The fear that we’d lose our family home just when we needed it most was too much.

"I was struggling, it was like a dark cloud. I was fighting back the tears. I wanted to give up.

"Ben helped me apply for additional benefits, put food in the fridge and covered a month’s rent and utility bills. When everything else around me was falling apart, I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was.

"Cancer is not being kind to me, and it’s taking a toll on my family too. Ben sent us away on a short break to the coast so we could spend some precious time together, and make great memories.

"I hope to be able to repay the kindness because that’s the sort of person I am. I will never forget what you’ve done for us."

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Clive's story

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