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Kim's story

Kim felt stuck and didn’t know what to do. She turned to Ben and had counselling and Life Coaching to help her move forward…

“I felt stuck and didn’t know what to do, even though I have a circle of friends and family around me. I couldn’t resolve things by myself or rely on friends or family to help or fully understand as they would be biased. I couldn’t move forward professionally and I needed to look at the situation from a different perspective, but I couldn’t do it on my own.

“The team at Ben were understanding and the initial talk we had was helpful. They helped open up possibilities that I didn’t know I needed - I had counselling first and then Life Coaching. Through counselling, I let go of the pain in my head. I soon realised how much I had needed counselling and I wouldn’t have had it without Ben’s support. I realised I couldn’t move forward in my life without sorting these things out in my head and changing my approach to different aspects in my life. It has changed my life in a positive way.

“I also knew I wanted to be more productive and efficient at work, but I felt stuck in a busy life with deadlines, running around like a headless chicken. Before Life Coaching, my mind felt like a puzzle thrown on the floor. After all my sessions had finished, the puzzle pieces came together to complete the picture. I didn’t know what to expect. Having Life Coaching helped me stop and think more and see where I’m going wrong which made me become more efficient, as well as a better manager and leader. I can now give back to the people I’m managing. Life Coaching has made a huge difference to my work and I never thought that would happen.

“Ben’s support meant a lot and it has changed my life - I was given more than I’d ever expected. Without it I wouldn’t be in such a good place, I would have carried on but I’d be in a darker, more challenging place. I’m so grateful.

“Now I’m feeling good and I’m doing well. I’m more collected, I know how to approach situations and I don’t jump into things too quickly. I feel a lot happier and calmer than I was. I can face the future and I’m not scared of it. I can also make the right decisions and plans. I know all the change needs to come from within myself and Ben’s support has made me feel like I can face challenges. I use positive language to view challenges and I try to make positive outcomes from it - I flip negativity into positivity.

“When recommending Ben or explaining what the charity does, I would say that they look at your situation as a whole rather than only one element. Don’t be scared to reach out, seek help before things get more challenging. Don’t be scared about what people might think, seek the help you need.”

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