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Roy's story

Roy started struggling with stress at work and he was feeling low so he came to Ben for support…

“I started struggling at work, fighting with the process and the things we do. I had always enjoyed working under pressure but this had turned into stress that was hard to manage. I had suffered a stroke 12 months before which had an impact on my mental health and added to my stress. I tried to keep going with everything but I felt really low. I was aware of Ben, but I’m normally the one who helps other people with their problems.

“I was pushed to the point of almost leaving my job and believing that the job had put me in this place. Outside of work, I was dragging my wife down with me. So, I thought it was time to look after myself, as well as my colleagues. When I spoke to Ben, it was a relief that someone was listening to what was going on with me and they came back to me with a plan. There was no judgement.

“I'd had lots of training for my job but not for how to deal with the emotional side of things. None of us have been trained to deal with the emotions that work can cause.

“I was asked about my needs and we discussed how Ben could support me. Life Coaching sounded ideal. I didn’t know what to expect, but since leaving school and the years I’ve spent in the trade, coaching was the best and most beneficial thing I’ve done.

“I now know how to deal with my problems and I can cope with things at work. I feel great and more positive. If there is a new role that comes up at work, I know I can go for it. I also feel that I’m a better manager and can support others more. I now reckon I can do anything, I see a challenge and think if I fancy it, I will go for it. I’m grateful for what I have and don’t think about what I don’t have. I’m grateful for my family, my home and my job. Other managers at work have seen a difference in me.

“Now, if I come up against a challenge, I refer to my tools. I know I will sometimes still react to things but I know what’s good for me and what isn’t.

“I can’t tell you how many people I have spoken to about Ben. I’ve referred colleagues to Ben and my own family member.”

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