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Una's story

When Una’s father passed away, she was left worrying about how to pay for his funeral and didn’t know where to turn. On top of the grief she was suffering, she was now anxious about getting into debt… 

“My father suffered from Alzheimer's and, all of a sudden, within the space of 1.5 weeks, he died. He went from being able to walk, talk and make a cuppa to being bedridden and dying in such a short space of time. It broke my heart.

“I was a complete mess. My father was my life - it had just been him and I in our home for several years. When he passed away, my heart was ripped out. I still can’t get to grips with him no longer being here. 

“As I didn’t work, due to being my father’s carer 24/7, I contacted the DWP for financial support to help me pay for his funeral. My father was single when he died, but if he had been married, his spouse would have received over £1,000 towards the cost of his funeral, but as his daughter I was entitled to nothing.

“The DWP advised me of several charities I could reach out to and that’s when I found out about Ben. I was desperate and had nowhere else to turn to get financial help. 

“My case manager at Ben was amazing and so supportive from start to finish. Ben supported me by paying for a massive chunk of the funeral costs. This was something I really could never imagine, I was just so touched! 

“I really don’t know what I would have done without this support. Ben has helped so much more than I can say in words. They took so much pressure off me during this heartbreaking time. They made me feel important and worthy of their support. I was actually taken aback by how nice and caring everyone I spoke to was. I’m in awe of what they have done. I would have had to contact a debt support company of some sort and I don't know how my mental health would have coped. I dread to think where I would have ended up.

“I can now concentrate on getting my mental health in a better place so I can cope with the next chapter of my life. I will forever be grateful to Ben, they will always have a special place in my heart. My father has now been laid to rest and I can try to move on with my life without the burden of a debt.  

“I’m still trying my hardest to cope with the fact my father is gone forever. I live in the home we lived in together and I can still hear him. However, with Ben’s support, I feel I have a better chance at a half decent life going forward. I have a chance and that chance is all because of Ben.”

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