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Amy's story

Amy turned to Ben when she was heading towards burnout and Life Coaching turned out to be invaluable to her…

“I was feeling anxious and needed to escape the situation I was in as I was heading towards burnout. I didn’t know which way to turn so I needed some help. 

“When I spoke to Ben, they made me feel very comfortable and listened to me. They weren’t judgemental, they were patient and gave me space to say what I needed. 

“I was talking to my case manager and she mentioned Life Coaching. I’d done some coaching in the past and it spoke to me at the time. I was advised on the timescale, which was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. It seemed easy which was good, as there's often a waiting list for support - for example through the NHS. 

“Life Coaching is invaluable. We all need a channel to express how we’re feeling and sometimes we don’t even know how we’re feeling. You might need someone to help guide you out of a place… like falling down a hole and not being able to see a ladder – that’s what Ben did, they gave me a ladder. 

“Without Ben’s help, I would have had to take time off work because I would have continued to spiral.

“Now I’m doing OK, I can recognise when I’m heading towards burnout. I can recognise that I’m feeling anxious because I’ve got a lot on and I’m experiencing a big life change. I can recognise why I feel a certain way and I know it's not the end of the world, it's natural to feel like this. I’m also learning to be kinder and more forgiving to myself. I also have more clarity. 

“I now remind myself of the tools I gained from coaching and I’m ready to put new practices in place. I have more awareness about saying ‘no’ to things when I don’t have time. I know my red flags which guide me to take action. 

“If you need support, don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t ever think that you can’t be helped, or that you’re not worthy of help. Everyone deserves help and most of us will find talking about our problems worthwhile. Life is a complete journey, you’re never ‘fixed’, but you find ways to work with things.

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of the support available to them, especially Ben’s Life Coaching as it’s so forward thinking and helps you move out of the current situation you’re in.”

Get help

If this story resonates with you and you've been considering getting help - chat with us online or pick up the phone and call our free and confidential helpline today on 08081 311 333 - Mon-Fri 8am-8pm. 

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