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Tracey's story

Tracey was struggling with her physical health and needed support to get up and down the stairs but couldn’t afford a stairlift. She was also suffering the grief of losing her husband…

“I can’t believe the help I received from Ben. I have had problems with my legs for a while. I had a knee replacement but I also have issues with my balance and I’ve been struggling to get up and down the stairs. I would have to sit down to get back downstairs as I wasn’t safe standing up.

“I also have fibromyalgia and stress sets it off. My family deserted us when my husband, David, died. When he passed away, the money went with him and so did my family. As David took his own life, I couldn’t access insurance so I lost the house. Back in 2011, David’s pension was siphoned off by hackers and he lost £262,000. David had to go back to work but he couldn’t cope with what happened and the pressure of work - he was 62 years old when he took his life.

“I had known about Ben for quite a while as David had worked for JLR. I was quite low and depressed. I am still low even though it has been years since he died. What with Covid and the cost of living crisis, Ben’s support has taken a great weight off my mind.

“My case manager was very calming. Ben supported me by funding a stairlift, a rise and recline chair and also EMDR therapy. My therapist really helped, she let me talk and didn’t judge. She helped me to put my feelings down on paper in black and white and this helped me express how I was feeling. 

“Mentally and physically, Ben’s support really helped. To be honest, I don’t know where I’d be without it. I dread to think where I would be now.”

You can also watch Tracey's story on video below...

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