Tips on managing your mood

Tips on managing your mood

If you’re feeling down or have been experiencing a low mood, here are some ways to manage it and start feeling positive again…

It’s all in the Mind(fulness)

Mindfulness is a great way to calm your body and mind, as well as helping you deal with issues that may be causing your low mood. By meditating and focusing on your thoughts, feelings, sensations in your body and the world around you, can really improve your mental wellbeing. Mindfulness can give you a new sense of calm and help you process negative emotions. Check out Mind’s Mindfulness section for lots of courses, apps and videos that are great for a beginner or a seasoned expert.

Mood diary

Keeping a mood diary can help you track changes in your mood, and can reveal the activities, places or people that make you feel better or worse. It can help you appreciate the positive parts of your day and reveal what could be triggering your low mood. You can download a Mood Diary template to get started from Bipolar UK

Self-help books

You could try reading self-help books written by healthcare professionals such as mental health experts, psychiatrists or coaches. These can be a great way of understanding in more detail what the cause, circumstances and solutions are when you find yourself stuck in a negative rut.

Online apps

There are a whole host of online apps that can help you improve and record your mood. From mindfulness to creating music or community support forums, there are many useful apps that can help improve your mood. Try the NHS App Library.

And most of all…

Try, as much as possible, to stay in the present moment. Low moods and bouts of mild depression can get worse if you are focusing on a particular issue in the past or future. Focusing on issues we can’t change or control can also make us feel anxious or stressed. Staying in the present and focusing on what you can change and influence today is the key.


Talk to us…

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