Bereavement: Useful links

Bereavement support

There are lots of different organisations that can provide information or support. They specialise in different services and you may find the following links useful.

Looking after yourself and others

Bereavement support for parents and children

  • The Lullaby Trust supports parents bereaved by cot death (also called sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS)
  • The Compassionate Friends supports bereaved parents and their families
  • Child Bereavement UK provides specialised support, information and training for everyone affected when a baby or child dies, or when a child is bereaved. They also run online forums for bereaved parents
  • Grief Encounter supports bereaved children and young people
  • Hope Again helps young people living with loss
  • Winston’s Wish supports bereaved children, young people and their families

Support following a loss by suicide

Financial support following bereavement

  • Turn2Us support provides practical help to people who are struggling financially
  • GOV.UK financial guidance, benefits and support
  • Citizens Advice financial guidance, benefits and funeral payment support

We want to reassure you that you are not alone and we’re here for you. We can support you through your loss. If you need someone to talk to you can chat to us online or call our helpline on 08081 311 333.

More about bereavement support

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Struggling with money after a bereavement

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