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Bereavement – coping with loss

Bereavement – coping with loss

Whether it’s expected, or comes as a complete shock, bereavement is painful and traumatic. Losing a loved one is arguably one of the most difficult things for anyone to go through and cope with.

We all grieve differently and everyone’s experience of loss is different, yet, grieving is always a tough process to go through. That’s why we have put together some resources to help you understand the stages of grief as well as how you can support yourself and others through this difficult time.

How you might feel
There’s no right or wrong way to feel when you’re grieving for a loved one, but these are the typical seven stages of grief:

  1. Shock/denial
  2. Pain/guilt
  3. Anger/bargaining
  4. Depression/reflection/loneliness
  5. The upward turn
  6. Reconstruction and working through
  7. Acceptance and hope

There is no clear divide between one stage and the next, but, with time, these feelings will become less intense.

Common feelings and emotions
Everyone experiences grief in their own way, but you might feel all or some of the following feelings and emotions:

  • Shock – You may feel numb and emotionless as you try to grasp what has happened
  • Sadness – Feelings of overwhelming sadness can be scary, but it’s important to allow yourself to cry and let it out
  • Anger – This is a perfectly natural emotion to feel after you lose someone. You may feel angry at them, their illness or yourself
  • Guilt – You may feel regret for things you did or didn’t say, or feel somehow to blame for not stopping them from passing away
  • Anxiety – Feeling easily overwhelmed, struggling in social situations, worrying unnecessarily about things, or the welfare and safety of your loved ones and those closest to you
  • Distracted/forgetful – As your mind is distracted by grief you may find it very difficult to concentrate

Sadly, bereavement is something that we will all experience at some point in our lives. We have more information on how you can look after yourself, support someone else who is grieving, including your child.