Budget-friendly Valentine's Day ideas

Valentine's Day ideas on a budget 

If you're keeping an eye on the pennies, here are some fun, memorable and budget-friendly ideas of how to spend Valentine's Day together. Remember, you don't have to spend lots of money to show you care, and giving your time and attention to your partner is priceless. 

Cook up a storm
Impress your date with your signature dishes or try out a new recipe. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, this classic Valentine's date idea never fails to impress and is much cheaper than eating out. Or, treat your partner to some fruit-infused gin, killer cookies or homemade fudge. They'll appreciate the time and effort you've put into making this special gift and it'll be the icing on the cake for a cosy night in.

Have a movie marathon
Instead of your usual go-to on Netflix, why not have a themed movie night based on your date's favourite films? Or celebrate Valentine's Day by watching one of the classics. You could save money on cinema tickets but still make it special by renting or buying a film that you've both been dying to watch. 

Embrace old-school love letters
Leave cute notes around your place or write your partner a letter. You could make your own Valentine’s Day card for extra points.

Other tips for a Valentine's Day that doesn't break the bank

Shop in budget-friendly places
Take a look at sites like Ebay, Vinted and Etsy - you can often find unique or brand new items being sold at a cheaper price in these places - it’s always worth having a browse! 

Don't feel obliged to give presents
Sometimes gift giving can cause unnecessary stress, debt and worry as we often feel obliged to give presents. Maybe your partner is thinking the same thing and you can decide to spend time together instead of buying gifts, or set a budget limit on any gifts you buy for each other. 

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