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Making the right choice for your loved one, and for you

Facing the reality that a loved one who is living with dementia has reached the point where they require 24-hour care, is one of the hardest moments you may face.  It’s an emotionally challenging time but it may reassure you to know that moving your loved one to a well-run dementia care home with staff who are trained to meet their needs is usually in their best interests – and yours.

At Lynwood Care Home, our residents stay in one of five dementia care communities, designed around the Teepa Snow GEMS model.  This is a model of dementia care which prizes each individual and works with the cognitive abilities that are still intact to provide the right level of care and support to people at different stages of dementia.  Your loved one will be in a community of people with similar impairments, and carers who understand their specific dementia needs.  The result is residents who feel safe, secure and loved and each day is lived well.

At Lynwood, our residents living with dementia stay in one of five ‘houses’ each providing a protected and cosy environment.  Each house has 15 spacious private rooms, each with their own en-suite shower room, a large shared living area, conservatory area and secure garden space, as well as a kitchen area to enable our residents to prepare drinks and light snacks, if they are able to.

Within our houses our communal dining areas are fully set with appropriate cutlery, crockery, and condiments.  It’s important that residents have a choice regarding where they wish to be seated in the dining room and the food they would like to eat. Our homes are designed to offer either a ‘social meal’ or ‘room service’ option for our residents to choose from every day, allowing us to meet their needs on a meal-by-meal basis. Residents are encouraged to dine in all areas of the house; wherever they feel most comfortable.

Each house is led by a House Leader, who will work closely with you to create a bespoke care plan that is tailored to your loved one’s specific physical and emotional care needs.

Working in partnership with Dementia Care Consultants Northeast, we have created a bespoke and innovative care training package for our staff, which ensures each member of our dementia care teams has a deep and sensitive understanding of dementia and distressed behaviours.  We encourage our care teams to fully engage, interact and communicate with our residents, but we recognise their needs may differ from time to time, and we of course respond to these changes when necessary.

Dementia Care at Lynwood Care Home

The team talk about caring for dementia residents


We encourage all of our residents to take part in our individual, house, or whole home activities as it helps to provide them with a sense of living well each day.  We have an onsite cinema space, called Oscars, and self-service refreshment café, called The Pantry, within the home and many residents, and their loved ones enjoy spending time there. Music is a firm favourite and many of our residents enjoy reminiscing over songs or tunes from their past.  Music often has a positive effect on the wellbeing of our residents who live with dementia because it’s part of the memory that remains intact for a long time, so we ensure music is part of daily life at Lynwood. 


From our home to yours, we do hope you will choose Lynwood for your loved one.  Please arrange to visit our dementia communities and see first-hand what they have to offer and why moving them here may well be the right decision for your loved one – and for you.

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