Coronavirus help



Whether it’s expected, or comes as a complete shock, bereavement can be a painful and traumatic experience. Losing a loved one is arguably one of the most difficult things for anyone to go through and cope with.

The coronavirus outbreak will mean that some of us lose people in both our immediate and wider groups of family, friends or colleagues. The rules on isolation will prevent people  from being with loved ones when they are ill or dying and means that our friends and family can’t physically be with each other us at this difficult time and while we grieve. 

Funerals are usually a time for people to come together in their grief – to share memories and celebrate the life of the person they have lost. However, at the moment there are new guidelines for funerals in place which limit the amount of people allowed to attend a funeral.  We also recommend that you speak to the funeral director for guidance.

If you or others can’t attend a funeral, there are ways that you can still say goodbye:

  • write a message or ask for something to be read out
  • record a video to be played
  • ask if the service can be live streamed
  • ask if photos of people who would normally be there can be placed on the empty chairs to represent everyone who would like to be there 
  • hold your own memorial with a photo and a candle

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, we are here for you. We can’t tell you this is going to be easy, but we’re here to support you if you need us.  Chat with us online or call our helpline on 08081 311 333.