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Yvonne answers your mental health questions

Yvonne Hignell

Following on from the success of Hats On For Mental Health Day, our Care & Support Services Director, Yvonne Hignell, answered your  mental health questions in a live Twitter Q&A, in line with Self Care Week, an awareness campaign run by the NHS.

The session took place for half an hour during lunchtime on 15 November. We have summarised the questions and answers below:

Does someone with a mental health problem have to disclose this to their employer?

Not if they don’t feel comfortable, however it may be beneficial if your employer knows how to support you

What support is available when considering going back to work after a period of depression?

For the automotive industry Ben is available to help both employee and employer, so you can contact us via https://ben.org.uk/contact-us/.

If you’re seeking help through the NHS, your GP can advise you about phased return or possibly CBT and other therapies.

Also, national organisations such as Mind and Mental Health Foundation have support and advice available.

How do I tell my family and friends I have depression? I’m scared about what they’ll think.

Ask yourself, what is it you’re really frightened of? Break it down into manageable chunks.

Think about your biggest fear and find the person you can trust to help you deal with that. This could be anyone. If you call our free, confidential helpline we can help you identify that person – 08081 311333.

We get asked this one a lot – I’m worried about my colleague, how can I help them?

We would answer that it’s OK to ask the question ‘How are you?’ and sometimes that’s all it takes. People often worry if they ask then they need to be able to fix it, but it’s OK not to have the answers, just be there to listen.


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