We work in partnership with your HR and health and wellbeing teams to understand your business and its challenges, and to co-create a tailored, onsite workplace programme of activities. This is designed to raise awareness of the free and confidential support services available from Ben, to improve the health, morale and productivity of your workforce and to help you demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing.

We also offer tailored HR support including helping your company deal with critical incidents that may affect its people. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of insights, resources and content to help you support your employees.

Event support
We will visit you onsite and attend or support any health and wellbeing events organised by you. Additionally, we can simply have a presence at your induction events or graduate intake events and speak directly with your colleagues to raise awareness of Ben’s services.

Bespoke health & wellbeing sessions
Additionally we can deliver bespoke health and wellbeing sessions onsite, designed to meet your specific requirements.

General awareness onsite
We can also deliver general awareness presentations to groups of your employees onsite, where they are invited to support Ben through Payroll Giving – a tax efficient, easy way for your employees to support Ben. 

Designed to determine someone’s general physical health via four key tests: resting heart rate, blood pressure, BMI and body fat percentage.  Participants can compare their test results to national health guidelines to gain a clear understanding of their current health.  They are supported with information and practical tips on how to improve their health and wellbeing.

HR support
A free and confidential service for HR personnel who need information, advice or signposting when supporting employees or their dependants with mental, physical, social or financial health and wellbeing challenges.

Critical incident response
A free emergency support service for organisations where there are multiple employees affected by a single issue.  We can usually be onsite within 24 hours to offer immediate support and everyone who needs additional support is fast-tracked through our helpline service.