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Urgent response service

Our Urgent Response Service is designed to support you and your business, providing guidance and often immediate support for your employees.

Ben’s Urgent Response Service provides support to industry partners for the following:

  1. Critical incident - a critical incident involving loss of life or traumatic event
  2. Complex cases or situations - an employee presenting with complex issues or situation
  3. Safeguarding, suicide or self-harm - where a safeguarding, suicide or self-harm risk has been identified by the employer.

The service is free and confidential to industry employers and any connected individual to that organisation. Industry employers can access this service by contacting Ben’s Employer Partnership Team or through Ben’s Helpline on 08081 311 333. Ben also operates an out-of-hours text support service, to access this service you can text BEN to 85258. Employers can also fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Once we have gathered initial information, our Urgent Response Manager will make contact within 4 hours to offer further support and guidance.

For more information, download our leaflet below.

Urgent response leaflet

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Urgent response leaflet