Ben and Motor Trade Radio announce new strategic partnership

Partnership to boost awareness about support Ben offers the automotive industry

Ben, the not-for-profit that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families, is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with – the UK industry’s only internet radio show dedicated to the British motor industry. This partnership will generate exposure and awareness for Ben and its care and support services to the tens of thousands of radio listeners who can subscribe through iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher Radio.

Further, Motor Trade Radio founder and show co-hosts, Derek Blair and Philip Nothard, have volunteered to record five exclusive episodes highlighting how Ben can add value to automotive companies as well as make a real difference to the lives of individuals working in the industry.

These include one episode on each of the four main aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing – financial, social, physical and mental – in line with Ben’s four pillars campaigns. The station will also feature an interview with Ben’s CEO, Zara Ross, to find out more about the organisation and how it provides a vital lifeline to those who need support with their health and wellbeing.

Each episode will be made available to every manufacturer, dealer group and industry supplier, free of charge, so that their workforces are made aware and fully understand the support available to each of their employees in such an important British industry which employs over 800,000 people.

Additionally, each episode will feature real life examples of individuals who have benefitted from the support that Ben has given them.

Commenting on the initiative, Ben’s CEO, Zara Ross, said:

“We’re in a unique position to help anyone who works or has worked in the British automotive industry and their family dependants, who may be struggling with modern day stresses. These can range from money worries and emotional traumas to physical health problems and social concerns, for example around confidence or loneliness.

“Our primary challenge is now to raise more awareness about Ben within the industry so we can help even more people and this new partnership with Motor Trade Radio will definitely help us to increase our reach. The station is well placed to inform and educate its listeners about what Ben can offer them in a format which is easy to consume.

“I think it’s fantastic that most of the station’s listeners ‘tune-in’ by downloading each episode and connecting to their car bluetooth systems on the way to work. Most people lead very busy lives and are often on the go, so it really is the perfect way to get our message across. Our thanks to Motor Trade Radio for the ongoing support and we look forward to developing our partnership further over the coming months.”

Derek Blair, founder and co-host of Motor Trade Radio, said: “We are very selective about which companies we partner with on Motor Trade Radio and to start working with such an incredible organisation like Ben is an absolute feather in our cap. Both Philip and I are very excited to offer our resources to this very worthwhile cause.”


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