Perfect Placement Help Ben Chalk Up Success

Always looking for new ways to support BEN, Perfect Placement has come up with a unique way to raise funds for us every day. Since moving to their new premises, two pool tables have been installed in the new casual lounge for members of staff. Anyone wanting to play a game of pool has to insert 50p which goes to BEN. Perfect Placement has raised an amazing £300 so far – this initiative is cued for success!

Speaking about this fundraising idea, Dan Unstead, Perfect Placement’s Director said: “When we moved to our new office we decided to put some fun into raising money for BEN which included our staff. With the new casual lounge it made perfect sense to charge for a game of pool and give all the money raised to BEN. A well-deserving charity who we know will put the funds to good use as we continue to ‘chalk up’ our support for them.”

Kerry Whitaker, BEN’s Partnership Development Manager commented: “I was blown away when I saw this fundraising initiative and, felt very honoured by the lengths that Dan and his team have gone to raise funds for BEN on a daily basis. It is a great way for everyone to have fun but also know that they are also helping those in our industry who require our help.”

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