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National Careers Week support

Ben provides support during National Careers Week and highlights why people enjoy working in automotive

  • This National Careers Week, Ben is promoting its career-related support for those in the automotive industry 

  • Ben is also shining a spotlight on why people enjoy working in the automotive industry 

  • The charity explores what the future holds for automotive in thought leadership piece

This National Careers Week, Ben is promoting its support for those who are job hunting or looking to progress in their career.

Ben’s support services team can provide one-to-one support for people in the following ways:

  • Practical support for people who are looking for work
  • Information, advice & guidance for managing money and maximising benefits 
  • Access to Ben’s free Life Coaching service by registering online and completing a short self-referral form. Whether it’s progressing their career, improving their lifestyle, or simply boosting self-confidence, Ben’s team of Life Coaches can help make those goals a reality
  • Access to Ben’s digital platform, Silvercloud, with a programme on building personal resilience.

Ben also has a range of work-related tips, advice and tools online to help people get back on track in their career or make the changes they want. The online tools (available at offer guidance and self-help resources on the following areas: 

  • Creating or updating a CV 
  • Writing a cover letter 
  • Job seeking
  • Finding the right job
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Preparing for interviews.

Ben is also shining a spotlight on what it’s like to work in automotive by sharing real quotes from people about why they joined the industry and what they enjoy about it:  

“The industry never stands still - constant challenge, opportunity, innovation.” 

“The current industry transformation is very exciting.”

“I like the variety. Every customer has different requests and problems that need to be satisfied.” 

In light of the changes happening in the industry, Ben is also exploring what the future holds for the automotive industry in a thought leadership piece by Matt Wigginton, Ben’s Director of Partnerships, Engagement & Income:  

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben, said: “We’re here to help and support automotive people working in the industry, including those who are looking to the future, interested in progressing their career or improving their working lives. We can provide information, advice and guidance for job-seeking, CV building and interview skills and be there to support people through any career-related changes. Work is a very important part of our lives and contributes to our overall health and wellbeing. As well as providing financial security, work provides us with social connectedness and builds confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose.”

Ben is always there for those who are struggling or in crisis too. When any member of our automotive family is struggling or in crisis, we all rally to support them. 



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