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Get fit for work and for life: Ben highlights new health check programme for industry in latest physical health campaign

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Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people, has launched a new campaign today which will spotlight the importance of good physical health to a person’s life.

Top searches on Ben’s website relate to healthy lifestyle, diet, getting fit, quitting smoking and returning to work after injury. As part of the new campaign – ‘get fit for work and for life’ – Ben has released some related articles and information on its website: www.ben.org.uk/physicalhealth.

To help those working in the industry get fit and improve their physical health, while preventing bigger issues arising, Ben will launch a new programme of physical health checks later this year. These checks determine a person’s general physical health, providing information based on national health guidelines and are supported with practical tips on how to improve health if needed.

The checks included are:

  • Resting Heart Rate Test
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Test
  • Body Fat Percentage

Jeremy Hicks, MD of Jaguar Land Rover UK, has recently piloted the new physical health check. Commenting on the programme, he said: “I’m delighted to support Ben’s physical health campaign. We all have extremely busy lives and I know from personal experience we often neglect our own physical health. Ben’s new campaign is a great reminder of the importance of staying physically fit and active.

“As part of the campaign Ben has launched a fantastic quick and easy health check programme , which will be available to all companies and employees in our industry later this year. Having done it myself I would highly recommend it to everyone, it only takes 15 minutes and highlights your general level of fitness as well as offering top tips on how to improve your physical wellbeing. I was surprised by some of my results and I’ve been working hard to improve my own fitness levels ahead of my Industry Leader Challenge Channel Swim for Ben in August! I’ll certainly be encouraging my Jaguar Land Rover colleagues to embrace the physical health check programme and make their physical health a priority.” To read the full story, click here.

This August, as a demonstration of physical health and fitness in epic proportions, a team of intrepid colleagues from Jaguar Land Rover will be swimming the English Channel to raise money for Ben. Jeremy Hicks and his team will raise awareness and funds for Ben in the ‘Jaguar Land Rover Channel Swim Challenge’. The team has already conquered the first hurdle and successfully completed a two hour open water swim qualification, but the channel swim itself will be a very different experience.  You can view a short film of the qualification swim by clicking here

Jeremy Hicks said: “I’m challenging myself, my team and the industry to get behind our dedicated charity. It’s easy to take our health for granted and this challenge will highlight the importance of maintaining a good level of physical fitness. That’s my challenge, so please, get behind me – let’s make it count.” Visit www.justgiving.com/jlrchannelswim to support the challenge.

Zara Ross, Chief Executive of Ben, said: “As part of this new campaign, we will be highlighting the impact that physical health can have on a person’s whole life. We will be offering more advice and information to help people get fit and stay fit for work and for life. By focusing on preventative measures and offering advice on subjects such as healthy eating and exercise, we can help people maintain a good level of health and fitness. As part of this, we’re really excited to be launching our physical health checks later this year to support businesses in helping their employees get fit and stay fit for work and for life.

“At Ben, we focus on holistic health and wellbeing, because one problem often has a knock-on effect on other areas of a person’s life. The four main aspects of a person’s health and wellbeing (financial, social, physical and mental) are inextricably linked.”

Ben also supports people suffering with existing long-term and chronic illnesses. From our findings, three big physical health issues for the people working in the automotive industry last year were chronic illness, disability and terminal illness. Another reason people contacted Ben for support last year was due to injury (both at work and outside of work).

   Physical health resources

During July to September, Ben will be offering the automotive community advice and support about their physical health on its website, www.ben.org.uk/physicalhealth. We will also be providing information and top tips to help people get fit and stay fit, using our social media and mailing channels.

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