Ben launches new business package for automotive industry employers: Ben4Business

  • Ben4Business set to increase awareness and drive real business benefits
  • Business package offers awareness initiatives and new training programmes
  • New offering encourages two-way partnerships with automotive companies

Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people, has launched a new package for businesses, called Ben4Business.

This offering is set to increase awareness about Ben and its services to people working in the industry by partnering with automotive companies. This new approach will, in turn, drive value to industry companies by helping protect the health and wellbeing of their employees, and therefore, support the automotive workforce as a whole.

Ben4Business brings together the services that Ben offers to industry partners in one package, consisting of a range of digital and workplace awareness initiatives and new training programmes. This approach means that Ben works with employers and their HR teams to understand the people challenges their businesses face and agree a programme of awareness and training initiatives to help address those issues.

As part of this, Ben has unveiled a new section of its website dedicated to how the organisation can partner with employers: This showcases all the information and resources that businesses need in order to promote Ben in their workplace. There is also a toolbox available with various digital resources and downloads for companies to share on their communication channels.

Ben4Business partnerships are based around four key programme elements – BenAwareBenatWorkBenTraining and BackingBen:


BenAware is about ensuring that all industry employees know where to turn in times of need. This is a crucial first step in the programme so all employees know about Ben’s free and confidential services and how to access them. Through BenAware, Ben works with employers to raise awareness of the organisation’s services to their employees. Visit


BenatWork supports employers in their commitment to employee wellbeing. This approach focuses on working in partnership with HR and health and wellbeing teams to understand businesses and their challenges, to co-create tailored, onsite workplace programmes of activities. An important part of this is the BenHealthCheck programme (Your personal MOT) which launched in line with the organisation’s physical health campaign in July.

To help those working in the industry get fit and improve their physical health, while preventing bigger issues arising, the BenHealthCheck is now available for companies to book for their employees. These checks determine a person’s general physical health, providing information based on national health guidelines and are supported with practical tips on how to improve health if needed. The checks included are:

  • Resting Heart Rate Test
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Test
  • Body Fat Percentage



Through BenTraining, Ben delivers real business benefits of improved productivity and reduced absenteeism. Ben helps build resilience within your organisation, providing managers and employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recognise and address issues affecting them and your business. The first programme to be launched as part of BenTraining includes guidance and support around mental health and wellbeing and will be delivered from October. Visit


Ben supports the automotive industry and is also funded by the industry – it’s a genuine two-way partnership. It’s only through the generosity of industry businesses that Ben can deliver life-changing support to those who need it. This part of the programme is about informing industry partners about how they can support Ben. Visit

Jools Tait, Business Development Director at Ben, said: “We’re excited to launch this new package for automotive companies, which will help increase awareness about Ben to the people working in our industry. This new approach will add value to automotive companies by helping protect the health and wellbeing of their employees, and therefore, has a positive impact on the whole industry. In supporting the automotive workforce with their health and wellbeing, we can help sustain our industry.

“We look forward to working together with employers to create a tailored programme of awareness, training and income generating activities, to suit individual business needs. The companies that embrace a Ben4Business partnership will reap the rewards by improving their staff morale, retention and motivation.”

To find out more, visit

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