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Sam's story

Sam had life coaching to focus on getting his business back on track and overcome the stress and overwhelm he was experiencing…

“I was feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed at work, we had lots going on at once as we were rebranding the business. I saw an email come through at work about Ben’s life coaching. I like learning new things so I was instantly interested. I didn’t know what to expect, I’d done some business coaching before but not personal coaching. 

“When I spoke to the team at Ben I felt at ease as they explained the process and I felt comfortable. I felt really heard and then I was connected with a life coach.

“Life coaching helped me get better organised at home and at work. It gave me confidence. I felt listened to. I was able to talk about things that I would usually be embarrassed to acknowledge, particularly around my strengths and achievements. I was also able to celebrate my achievements rather than focusing on the negatives all the time. Life coaching gave me perspective and helped me focus on the end goal rather than getting stuck in the difficulty of the moment. It gave me a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I had small bits of homework which helped me to get things achieved. It was always small, achievable chunks and I found it enjoyable. If it had been large tasks then I wouldn’t have done it. I hated homework at school, but I really enjoyed the homework my coach set me.

“I feel much better now - I’m on top of things. There are still some things I’m struggling with but I feel able to tackle them with more confidence. Now I’m excited, motivated and focused on getting the business back on track. I’ve turned a corner and I’ve got things moving again. I’m looking at the bigger picture again and I now have a vision for our small business. I’m excited about my plans for my personal life too.

“Now I look back at the things I spoke about with my life coach and use some of the strategies we developed. I’m eating well, sleeping well and exercising so I can tackle my challenges with the right mindset. I want to say a big thank you to Ben.

“I’ve been telling people at work about Ben’s life coaching. There’s no reason not to do it - everyone should embrace learning and change. If you’re thinking about taking up life coaching, just do it - you’ll definitely get something out of it.”

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