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Kayleigh's story

Kayleigh came to Ben when she felt lost and needed support after a personal situation had left her full of self-doubt…

When I first reached out to Ben for coaching, I was in a place of uncertainty and self-doubt. I felt lost and unsure of my path, desperately seeking support, advice and guidance due to a personal situation in my life. Ben's coaching didn’t disappoint. With their expertise and compassionate approach, I experienced a profound transformation in my self-worth and belief in myself. 

The beginning of my journey
The team was so welcoming from the minute I made contact. I felt listened to and when I was asked what I wanted to achieve, we discussed support options. They really understood what I needed. 

I remember my initial coaching session vividly. I was apprehensive yet hopeful, wanting to believe that change was possible but unsure how to make it happen. My coach immediately made me feel at ease with their empathetic listening. They didn’t just offer advice, they guided me to uncover my own answers.

Self belief
Ben’s coaching played a crucial role in cultivating my self belief. They helped me set realistic and achievable goals, breaking down overwhelming tasks. This process built my confidence incrementally, as I saw myself successfully navigating challenges and making progress.

Ben’s support
The support and belief in my potential were incredibly motivating, even during my moments of self doubt. Ben’s encouragement kept me moving forward. They praised my victories with genuine enthusiasm, reinforcing the progress I was making and helping me stay committed.

We talked about how I was thinking and feeling and it was a safe space where I could speak freely. It was well organised and we would always have a plan in place for our next session. We would also have a personal development focus for the time in between sessions –  I was encouraged to do work outside of the sessions, which was enjoyable and didn’t feel like homework. If you want to see results, you have to put the work in. Ben is the crutch, but the work comes from within yourself. 

Gratitude and the future
I’m immensely grateful to Ben for their support, guidance and belief in me. Coaching has been a catalyst for profound personal growth and I’m extremely proud of the progress I’ve made. 

Ben’s help meant everything to me and the fact it’s a free service is phenomenal – there’s nothing else like it that I know of. The support meant so much, especially as it’s automotive industry specific, it made me feel supported and appreciated as someone working in the industry. 

I feel so much more optimistic than ever before and the tools from coaching are a great comfort as I can fall back on those. Life’s not always plain sailing, there will be bumps, but I feel really positive and a lot safer than I did before because of the tools Ben’s given me. 

My journey has not only transformed how I see myself but also inspired me to help others. I’m inspired to pursue a coaching career myself to help others achieve similar breakthroughs.

Seek support if you need it
If you’re considering counselling or life coaching, I wholeheartedly recommend taking that step. With the right support, you can overcome obstacles, challenges and achieve a deeper sense of fulfillment in your life. To anyone struggling with self worth, remember that help is available and taking that first step could be the key to unlocking a brighter, happier future. Don't be afraid to take the step with Ben because you won’t regret it; you have nothing to lose by approaching Ben, and everything to gain. 

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