Do It 4 Ben

Ben's Big Breakfast 24

7th-13th October 2024

Get your automotive family together and host your very own Ben’s Big Breakfast

7th-13th October 2024.

Organising your own Ben’s Big Breakfast is really simple:

  • Sign up to get your fundraising toolkit and set your date – this could be on one day or throughout the entire week!
  • Grab your frying pans or mixing bowls and plan your breakfast items and how you’ll prepare them, but remember to cater for all requirements!
  • Put on your thinking caps and decide how you will raise funds on the day outside of selling breakfast items. We’ll have a limited number of Ben bears available to raffle but you could host your own raffle with the prize of a car for a weekend or a tombola with prizes
  • Gather your friends, family, colleagues and customers to host your BIG Breakfast at your office, dealership or factory
  • Use the time to check in with your automotive family, it's the ideal time for colleagues to catch up with a coffee or bond over a bacon butty. 
  • See our Here's what you need to know section below to find out more 
  • Send all of your amazing fundraising directly to Ben, knowing that you have supported your automotive family.  Your support makes a life-changing difference



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Here's what you need to know
When can I register?

Registrations for Ben's Big Breakfast are now open!

How do I host a Ben’s Big Breakfast?
  • Register for one of our fundraising packs
  • Set a date between 7th-13th October
  • Organise a way to bring, bake, make and sell breakfast items to raise money (this could be as simple as bacon butty and a tea or as fancy as smoked salmon and scrambled eggs)
  • Decorate your breakfast space with decorations from our fundraising pack  
  • Invite friends, family, colleagues and customers
  • Send all the money you have raised directly to Ben details on how to do this will be in your pack. In the printed  packs we also will be providing collection boxes
How do I get a fundraising toolkit?

First, you need to sign up to host a Ben's Big Breakfast, then you will receive an email with a digital toolkit including everything you need. You can also request a physical toolkit to be sent straight to your door.

How do I invite people?

There are many ways to invite your guests, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  •  Put up our event posters that are in the Toolkit
  • Send an email to all colleagues and customers
  • Set up a Facebook event and invite people

You can share your fundraising page in advance, and watch the donations roll in ahead of your event.

Can I cancel my registration?

If you wish to cancel your registration, please email explaining that you would like to cancel, including the address that you registered with.

How can I raise money?

As part of your registration a fundraising page is automatically created for you, you can share this page in advance of your event to ask people for donations, we will also be sharing details on how to turn your fundraising link into a QR code, you can then print this off and ask people to donate to the page during your event. All printed packs contain money collection boxes, for anyone looking to pay with cash. We will provide full details on how to then get this money paid directly to Ben.

Host a Ben Bear raffle, issue raffle tickets in exchange for money and at the end of your event pull the winning raffle number and that person wins our special Breakfast for Ben Bear.

There are lots of ways you can raise money alongside your breakfast event, we will be sharing lots of tips including fundraising ideas in advance of the event.

How will Ben use the money I have raised?

By taking on this challenge and fundraising for Ben you’ll be making a huge difference in helping us continue supporting people in the automotive industry who are facing their own challenges.

Without our extraordinary fundraisers we really couldn’t do what we do. Here are some real-life stories of how our life-changing work has impacted the lives of automotive industry people who had been going through tough times and needed somewhere to turn.

Is there a fundraising target?

We haven’t set a fundraising target for this event. We just ask that any money you do raise you donate to Ben. If you do wish to host a Ben Bear raffle then we do ask for a minimum of £50 to be raised.

Can I take cash donations?

Yes, you can. We will provide you with full details of how to collect cash at your event.

What about a fundraising page?

A fundraising page is automatically created when you register for Ben’s Big Breakfast.

One tip we give to all of our fundraisers is to make your page as personable as you can. This can be as simple as explaining your personal story and the reason you are fundraising for Ben; as well as posting photos during your event. If you are looking to share stories of people we have helped please take a look at our real-life stories.

I can’t host an event, but I still want to donate

Visit our donation page or please contact

Can my guests donate via Text?

Text BREAKFAST followed by your amount to 70450. This is however a generic code so the money will still go to Ben but we won’t be able to add this directly to your fundraising page.

When do I need to order my pack?

The deadline for ordering printed packs is the 26th September, after that date only digital packs will be sent to anyone who registers for the event.

What is the difference between the digital and printed pack?

The printed pack includes, bunting, napkins, cake flags, balloons, a collection box, event posters, and a how-to-guide.

And, in our digital pack you can download and print your own  bunting, event posters and how-to-guide (helping to reduce our costs).

Ben Breakfast Bears are also available to raffle as part of your breakfast event, included with this you will receive raffle tickets and posters. Please note: we ask for a minimum of £50 to be raised for the bear on top of the money raised at your breakfast event. You can request a bear when you sign up.

I need more help

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please email and they will be happy to help.

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