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Mental health in the automotive industry: moving up a gear

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A £1.2bn cost to the automotive industry

Did you know that mental health is one of the biggest issues affecting the UK automotive industry's workforce? But did you also know that mental health could be costing automotive employers as much as £1.2bn a year collectively?

This is why Ben has released its whitepaper called 'Mental health in the automotive industry: moving up a gear'. The paper examines evidence and provides practical solutions for automotive industry employers on how to support the mental health of their workforce.

Through this whitepaper, Ben seeks to make automotive industry employers aware of the stigma still attached to mental health issues and builds a clear case for businesses to take action in support of their employees. The paper highlights that, when it comes to workplace issues, the mental health of employees can still be a taboo subject.

As part of this, Ben wants to work in partnership with automotive industry employers, through its Ben4Business programme, to make a positive difference to the mental health of those who work in the automotive industry.

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