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Industry Leader Challenge update: preparation begins

A team of colleagues at Jaguar Land Rover are taking on an epic challenge for Ben this summer – they are swimming the English Channel as part of the Industry Leader Challenge. This is no mean feat as the Channel is 21 miles wide, bitterly cold, there are strong tides, gusting winds and waves of over 2m. And it’s one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world – ferries and tankers take priority! Here is an update from the Project Manager for the challenge, John Fossey…

training to swim the channel

By John Fossey, Land Rover Experience Business Manager

Rather foolishly I’ve volunteered to not only participate in a Channel relay swim but to actually organise two teams to take the Challenge! So somewhere between the 21 and 27 August we’ll be braving the balmy waters of the English Channel for 14 hours or so of swimming fun armed only with a small swimsuit, goggles, a hat and lashings of vaseline! Each member swims an hour in rotation until we get to the other side.

This is a huge commitment for all involved as we firstly build up our swimming distances and then venture into lakes, rivers and the sea to “acclimatise” to the English Channel. Before we even start we all have to complete a qualifying 2 hour open water swim – a massive achievement in its own right.

In addition many of the Jaguar Land Rover Retailers are also organising local 12 hour pool relays for Ben. So if you work in the automotive industry or are a family member of someone who is, this can directly benefit you and your colleagues in times of trouble. 

If you feel you can donate to this challenge please visit our Justgiving site.

Many thanks for your support!



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