Ben reveals new brand and website to help fulfil vision for future

  • Ben provides support for life to the automotive industry
  • Ben unveils new brand and logo with plans to help more people in the automotive industry
  • New website launched to help those in need more easily access help and advice

Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families, has today unveiled its new brand identity as a vehicle to help fulfil its vision for the future. This includes a new, fresh look website offering additional functionality to provide easier access to important support and care services.

These changes help fulfil Ben’s vision to be an integral partner to the automotive industry, adding value by improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce, reducing absence, improving productivity and raising morale. The new brand and website are instrumental in helping Ben achieve its ambition of helping even more individuals and their families as well as supporting businesses and the industry.

Before embarking on this journey, Ben undertook extensive qualitative and quantitative research which showed that the organisation was not reaching as much of the industry as it could. Additionally, there were still a number of people working in the industry who weren’t clear on the organisation’s purpose. Therefore, Ben has developed its new brand identity in direct response to these results, with a clear purpose of providing support for life at whatever stage of life people may need it. Furthermore, around 80% of Ben’s clients are of working age so the organisation has redefined its approach to extend its reach and support to the whole of the industry’s workforce ensuring it remains a valuable, relevant service for the industry.

To fulfil its vision, Ben has now officially launched its new brand, including a new logo and website. The website follows Ben’s mandate to offer relevant support at all stages of life, with user-friendly information and a new live chat function, allowing visitors to access help and guidance on financial, social, physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The site is fully mobile responsive and offers people the tools they need to self-serve, with an emphasis on taking preventative measures to maintain all areas of their health and wellbeing. The new website will also make it easy for visitors to search for help and advice including the full range of care options for those requiring advice on caring for an elderly relative and selecting a care home.

Zara Ross, Ben’s Chief Executive Officer, said:  “Ben has gone through a significant period of change, including how we partner with the industry and the development of a new range of support services, so the launch of our new brand identity was the next important step in this journey. We’re staying true to what’s at the heart of Ben, which is our charitable focus, and this journey is building on the good work we’ve been doing for over 100 years, so that we can keep offering added value to the industry.

“Many of the challenges Ben helps people manage are incredibly sensitive, and can affect many areas of their lives, including financial worries, physical health concerns and mental wellbeing. People may not feel they are able to pick up the phone and ask for help or seek advice for problems in these areas, especially if they are at work.  We want to create a space that everyone in our industry can access at any time, with the confidence to gather information and chat to advisors online, allowing us to support each individual and help find solutions before issues become overwhelming.”

The changes at Ben go far deeper than its website, with a striking new brand identity and refreshed designs to reflect the new vision, purpose, ambitions and key activities of the organisation.

Zara Ross added:  “The new brand identity shows how far Ben has come in recent years and confirms our belief in everything that we will be able to achieve in the future.  We now have a strong online presence to back up our telephone support. The new tools, channels and services now available to the industry will mean that we can help more people.

“None of this could be done without the amazing support we receive from our industry partners and all those who fundraise for us. Thanks to their efforts, we are now able to offer people a far wider range of support, allowing them to seek guidance and tools to help make real changes to their lives. We would like to call upon the industry to help us spread the word about these important changes so we can really continue to make a difference.

“We also have some exciting news coming up about the launch of our new campaign about mental health and wellbeing and our first ever national fundraising day as part of that, so watch this space!”

Please spread the word about these important changes and download the new brand pack including Ben’s new logo, by visiting:  


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