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Olly's story

Olly was struggling to cope with his wife’s alcohol dependency which had led to two failed suicide attempts…

“For two years I had been trying to deal with my wife's dependency on alcohol which had led to two failed attempts to take her own life and a serious admission into ICU. I was dealing with this on top of working full time and looking after two teenage children.

“I was probably at my lowest ever point, even after years of experiencing depression and anxiety and being on medication. I had been having dark thoughts, but I would never act on it as I know my children need me.

“I talked to my manager and team after having to take time off sick from work. Even though my situation was severe and hard to manage, it made me realise that there was help out there and I wasn’t alone.

“Ben supported me with therapy and I now feel almost 100 times better. This support also gave me the focus I needed to review my situation with my GP and I have since had my medication changed which has also helped massively.

“The mixture of therapy and changes to my medication has given me the clarity I was lacking. Therapy helped me realise that whatever happened with my wife’s condition, I couldn’t change it and that it was important to take time for me and my children. Sadly, my wife’s battle to get well is her own - I have gained the understanding that all I can do is support her and not try to change her.

“I dread to think what would have happened without Ben and the support I had from my family, friends and colleagues. I was in a dark place - it's not 100% changed but these things take time. I’m now much more positive for myself and my children. I’m happy to say my wife is now 9 months sober and doing really well, but sadly this is something that will always be part of our lives.” 

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