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Lisa's story

Lisa had life coaching to become more organised as she was feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and like life was spiralling out of control…

“After the pandemic, I was looking to organise my life better as I was feeling stressed out and had lost direction. Things were spiralling and unmanageable. I’d noticed some areas I wanted to improve, both personally and professionally, and I wanted some tools to help me manage my to do list better.

“I’ve always enjoyed self-development so I felt coaching would suit me. I’d recently made some personal lifestyle adjustments and I wanted to align that with some tools and techniques to help me see things through to completion.

“At the end of last year, I hadn’t achieved a lot of the things I had set out to do and that made me feel rubbish and unmotivated. There was a period of change and transition at my work that had a direct impact on me, so it felt like a really good time to continue to work on myself and make improvements to my life.

“My Life Coach listened to me, and I really enjoyed working with her. First, we did some deep breathing to ground me because I was feeling all over the place and chaotic. Then she gave me lots of practical tools over the sessions that I could use to achieve my goals. Everything I learnt could be applied to my personal life and my professional life which I loved.

“Coaching has been brilliant and life changing for me. I feel like the best version of myself, I’m like a different person. I’m delivering more at home and at work. Coaching has made me more understanding of others and I have more confidence when dealing with different personalities. I’m doing well at work in my new team and in my new role having gone through the transition period with a new lease of life. I feel like I'm achieving, versus attempting, and the people around me have noticed as well.

“You can’t eradicate stress and overwhelm in life completely, but I feel like I can minimise it now and certainly deal with it better, more calmly and methodically. I’m very busy at work, I’m very busy at home, and I have the tools in my pocket to help manage that more effectively. I’m more realistic about telling people honestly what I can and can’t do. I’m moving away from people-pleasing and being more realistic around managing expectations. 

“I’ve also got a big house project coming up and I know exactly how I’m going to tackle it, alongside everything else in my life, using the tools I gained from coaching that are written down in my big pink project book!

“To anyone thinking of doing life coaching, definitely do it. You really won’t regret taking the step and I truly believe you’ll get something out of it. It’s been a great experience - it’s your goals and you’re guided along the way. It’s a no-brainer.”

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