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...Ben’s Race Across Britain a challenge unlike any other!

You are invited you to take part in our epic three-day Ben's Race Across Britain proudly sponsored by LKQ Euro Car Parts from 26-28th February 2024. You’ll be raising vital funds to support our automotive family on this incredible event at a time when Ben is supporting more people than ever due to the cost-of-living crisis.

With no planes, no smart-phones or pre-planning allowed, you and your teammate will use only public transport and you can cycle, run, or walk too but you will need to navigate from check point to check point planning your route carefully and tactically. 

Just like the popular ‘Race Across the World’ TV series you will have a limited budget and no idea where you’re heading next. You will be given a budget for food, find your own accommodation and transport as you Race Across Britain, competing against up to 50 teams from our industry.  

You’ll need to put in some work before you start the race, too, with each team needing to secure sponsorship from companies, friends, and family to reach the minimum £3,000 fundraising target. 

Along the way, you’ll be expected to complete additional tasks to top up your budget, just like the TV show, but you’ll need to keep an eye on the clock or risk being left behind the racing pack. 

Race Across Britain is, as the name suggests, a race! You’ll need to dig deep and be resourceful to be in with a chance of being first across the finish line…but we won’t tell you where that it until the final day of the race! 

Entry is £500 per team of two and you will be in for an experience unlike anything you have done before, a true test of ingenuity and resolve, and you’ll need to find a travel buddy who can fire you up, not hold you back on this epic fundraising quest of a lifetime. Where will you finish? Let’s race! 

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What’s the entry fee?

£250 per person or £500 a team this needs to be paid before the event takes place.

What is the fundraising target?

The minimum fundraising target is £3000 per team.

What are the dates of the event?

The event will take place over 3 days starting on the 26th of February finishing on the 28th February.

How many teams are taking part?

There is a maximum of 50 teams taking part in this event.

How many people in a team?

Two people make up a team and you must stay within your team throughout the duration of the event. A maximum of 10 teams per single business can take part.

Will everyone be tracked?

Everyone taking part in the event will be given a tracking device so we can track all teams, throughout the event, they will also be given a basic mobile phone to make calls with, along with regular check ins with members of Ben staff at different checkpoints.

When will teams find out the route?

The route will not be released in advance, Teams will only find out their next location when they arrive at the next checkpoint, they will be given clues to help them figure out the next location.

How do teams pay for their travel, food, and accommodation?

Teams will be given a set allowance to cover their expenses during the event.

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