Do It 4 Ben

Industry Leader Challenge 2024

Where will they go and what will they be doing?

The Industry Leader Challenge (ILC) is an annual event where key leaders from across the automotive industry take on epic and tough mental and physical events across the globe. 

Previous events include summitting Mount Kilimanjaro, pedalling the Thames on waterbikes and swimming the channel.

Stay tuned to see what 2024 will bring!

What is the Industry Leader Challenge?

The Industry Leader Challenge (ILC) is an epic personal challenge taken on each year by an automotive industry leader (or leaders) to fundraise for Ben. The ILC is certainly not for the faint-hearted and requires extraordinary personal endeavour that tests the challenger either mentally or physically – or both. After completing a challenge of their choice (either with a team or alone), the challenger then hands the baton over to another industry leader for the following year.

The ILC was originally inspired by Sarah Sillars OBE who took on her own personal challenge for Ben, successfully climbing Kilimanjaro in 2010 and raising £38,000.

How many ILC's have there been?

The first ever ILC took place in 2016, by Daksh Gupta, CEO Marshall Motor Holdings PLC, who conquered his fear of heights by skydiving from 13,000ft, raising over £151,000 for Ben. Daksh handed over the baton to Jeremy Hicks, MD of Jaguar Land Rover UK, who galvanised a team of 14 colleagues to take on the ‘Jaguar Land Rover Channel Swim Challenge’ 2017, raising over £214,000.

ILC 2018, also known as the Lookers ‘Electric Charge’, involved Andy Bruce, Lookers CEO, and his team driving across the UK and Ireland in electric vehicles, travelling to all company dealerships. This challenge raised an impressive £215,755 for Ben.

The ILC baton was then passed to three well-known senior industry leaders Jon Wakefield, Tim Tozer and Darren Guiver, who took on The Epic Thames Waterbike Challenge in 2019. The trio cycled over 170 miles on land and water in just four days! This challenge raised a staggering £273,360.40 for Ben.