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What is Ben on the Road?

Ben has a dedicated Outreach team that is on a mission to increase awareness of Ben’s Health & Wellbeing services and support. The team will be out on the road delivering free on-site visits to automotive employers to spread the word to ensure more people who work in the automotive industry know Ben is here for them and their families.


What’s involved? 

During the on-site visits, Ben’s Outreach team will come in to talk to employees about Ben (their automotive industry charity) sharing awareness materials and resources, such as posters, helpline contact cards and leaflets that provide further information on Ben’s Health & Wellbeing services. In addition to this, employees will have the opportunity to sign up to hear from Ben directly to their inbox providing Health & Wellbeing tips, advice, and tools, along with keeping on top of the latest news regarding Ben’s services and support.

During the visit business leaders and managers will also receive information regarding services and support they can benefit from as an employer and our Outreach team will be able to discuss how you can sign up to work in partnership with Ben to help support the Health & Wellbeing of your workforce.

Which businesses can request a visit? 

Initially, Ben’s Outreach team will be focusing their Ben on the Road initiative towards micro, small and medium-sized automotive employers. If your organisation has 250 employees or less then you can register for a free on-site visit.

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