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Industry leader challenge: The Climb

This year, the Industry Leader Challenge will be Ben’s biggest challenge ever. A group of up to 10 teams from well-known automotive businesses will take on ILC 2021: The Climb – to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro!

Each intrepid industry leader, along with a future leader from each company, will climb one of the world’s most iconic peaks in October 2021, over a period of just 10 days. Each team will be fundraising throughout 2021 aiming to raise a total of £500,000 which would be an ILC fundraising record!

Three leaders from Ben will also be taking part in The Climb: Zara Ross, Ben’s Chief Executive, Matt Wigginton, Fundraising Director and Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director.

Our industry leader challengers will climb the highest free-standing mountain on earth, which is a total of 5,895 metres tall. They will battle through 90km of extreme trekking, freezing temperatures, high altitude, brutal ascents and severe weather. Tackling such a hostile environment will be physically demanding, mentally challenging, but will fundraise to provide life-changing support for automotive industry people who need it the most.

This challenge was chosen to represent that everyone has their own mountain to climb at some point in their life – no matter who they are, what they do or where they come from.

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