Flagship events


Date: Evening of the 4th to the 8th October 2019

Location: France – Food and wine tour!

Entry Fee: £650+ VAT

For those who haven’t already heard of Bangers4Ben (…where have you been?!), it’s an epic road trip with friends to a location in Europe which raises funds for Ben. This is an important event for Ben as funds raised help us provide support for life to those working in the automotive industry and their families.

If Bangers4Ben is new to you, the rules are simple:

  • Pay the entry fee of £650 + VAT
  • Buy a car for less than £750
  • Paint or decal said car
  • Select fancy dress
  • AND, having completed the rally, sell the car at auction to raise money for Ben.

Itinerary 2019

Friday 4th October 2019, Evening Travel to Le Havre France

Bangers4Ben 2019 starts with an overnight ferry from Portsmouth, where we will meet, to the coast of Le Havre, France where the voyage really begins the following morning.

Day 1 Saturday 5th October 2019 Le Havre to Le Mans, France.

After arriving in Le Havre early Friday morning, you will make your way through beautiful countryside and winding roads to the motorsport city Le Mans, made famous by the iconic 24-hour race. Here you will drive public stretches of the endurance race circuit, including the famous Mulsanne straight, and visit the circuit’s fantastic museum of racing cars and memorabilia.

Day 2 Sunday 6th October 2019, Le Mans to Bordeaux.

On day two we have a relatively short – for Bangers – jaunt down to Bordeaux, where we will be settling down for some wine-tasting at one of the local vineyards, along with sampling local food.

Day 3 Monday 7th October 2019 Bordeaux to Nantes

From Bordeaux, the journey north begins, taking in some of the beautiful French coastal roads and countryside. The route heads to the tiny island of Il d’Oleron in the Atlantic, accessed only by a nearly 3km road bridge, before stopping for the night in Nantes.

Day 4 Tuesday 8th October 2019 Home Time!

The final stint and return to the ferry for a shorter crossing home will see you home that evening.

Entrance fees etc

Entry is £650 + VAT per car with driver and co-driver; this covers your crossings, twin accommodation, breakfast, evening meal and AA roadside assistance.

You can then spend up to £750 on your vehicle (trusty steed) which you will donate to Ben at the end of the event so that it can be auctioned.

As we all like a bit of competition so we have some prizes up for grabs:
·       Best fancy dress
·       Best themed car
·       Best tweet
Overall winner – make sure you buy your car at the best possible price as you’ll only get to hold the trophy if your car makes the most profit at auction!