• 16 Feb. 2018

Smoking, Vaping & Life Insurance

This is a guest article from Reassured Ltd. The rise of e-cigarettes in the UK Over recent years, whilst there has been a marked decline in the number of UK smokers, the nicotine replacement market has thrived. The vaping industry

• 9 Feb. 2018

Top healthy pancake recipes for a nutritious Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing – pancakes! Who doesn’t love indulging in a pancake (or 10!) on pancake day, but if you’re trying to be healthy, the refined carbs and sugar in

• 31 Jan. 2018

Valentine’s Day: Melt your loved one’s heart without breaking the bank!

Valentine’s Day: Melt your loved one’s heart without breaking the bank! It’s nearly that time of year again when we spend a whole day celebrating the joys of love – Valentine’s Day! But with a meal, chocolates and expensive flowers,

• 9 Jan. 2018

10 tips for saving money in 2018

Saving money can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle, especially if you’re working towards a big purchase, like a car or a first home. But, there are some tricks you can use to try and squeeze those extra pounds into

• 9 Jan. 2018

How to help employees avoid financial challenges

By Jools Tait, Business Development Director A total of 277 people are declared insolvent or bankrupt every day in the UK – the equivalent of one person every 5 minutes and 12 seconds. Meanwhile the average UK household credit card

• 9 Jan. 2018

Shopping on a budget

You’ve calculated your budget, you’ve made a plan, now it’s time to put it into action! Thankfully, there are lots of ways to make your pounds go further. Here are our tops tips for shopping on a budget on the

• 4 Jan. 2018

Cheap ways to get fit

January is a time when many of us make a promise to improve our fitness or try out a new activity. The good news is that this doesn’t have to involve shelling out for an expensive gym membership! There are

• 14 Dec. 2017

5 New Year’s resolutions for your mental health

  The New Year can be a great excuse to take stock and work out what to improve in the months ahead. If you do decide to choose a New Year’s resolution, try and pick something manageable. Choosing to make

• 13 Dec. 2017

Mental health at Christmas: 12 tips for wellbeing

Mental health doesn’t take time off at Christmas, and with all the added stresses that can come with the festive season it’s very important to care for your wellbeing. 1. Plan ahead Avoid unnecessary stress over the festive season by

• 12 Dec. 2017

Tips to beat loneliness at Christmas

As humans, we aren’t meant to be solitary and exist on our own. Nearly one million older people say they feel lonelier at Christmas[1]. However, loneliness can affect anyone from any walk of life and, in 2010, the Mental Health

• 11 Dec. 2017

Seeking support at Christmas: helpline opening hours

Our free, confidential helpline is closed on the festive Bank Holidays, but you can call us when we return. If you leave a message we will reply to you. Christmas opening hours Our Christmas opening hours are as follows: Friday

• 11 Dec. 2017

Supporting employees back into work after mental health absence

Around 50% of long-term absences from work are the result of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, according to the NHS. If an employee feels well enough to come back to work, then that’s a very positive

• 7 Dec. 2017

What is OCD?

  Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that affects around 850,000 people in the UK. Although it can be distressing and have a severe effect on everyday life, there are treatments that can help to keep OCD under

• 1 Dec. 2017

Anger management: top tips

Anger is a natural emotion and is something that everyone will experience from time to time. However, if it isn’t handled in the right way, it can be destructive to yourself and others around you. So here are our top

• 14 Nov. 2017

What is Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder (sometimes called bipolar affective disorder) is a long-term condition that causes a person to experience extreme shifts in mood, energy and behaviour. Everyone experiences mood swings from time to time, but people with bipolar experience them more severely

• 6 Nov. 2017

A unified sense of purpose: the JLR challenge

In this article, Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK, reflects on the JLR Channel Swim, JLR Bike and JLR Run, which collectively raised over £185,000 for Ben as part of the Industry Leader Challenge. Jeremy explains how,