About us

Ben is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families.

About us

Ben is a not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families.

Support for life for the automotive industry

As an independent charity, our tailored, holistic care and support services focus on the four main pillars of peoples’ health and wellbeing: financial, physical, mental and social, enabling people to navigate life’s toughest challenges and empowering them to make lasting, positive change.

Everyone who works, or has worked, in the automotive industry can access our confidential, free support services for themselves and their family dependents. Ben also provides high quality care for those in later life at our excellent care centres or in their own homes and, for the more independent, at our award-winning retirement village.

Our mission is to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Whether we are supporting someone in crisis, providing
high quality care or working with our automotive industry
partners to improve the health and wellbeing of the
workforce, our mission is to make a positive difference to
people’s lives.

We’re here to help people create a better tomorrow.    

Read our latest annual impact report and latest quarterly impact report for more information about how we help people.


To be an integral part of the automotive industry, providing help & support to employees and dependants and, in doing so, add value to individuals, businesses and the sector in general.

Who we help

Here for the people of the automotive industry

Whether you work on the shop floor or the top floor, in a factory, garage, office, showroom or on the road, if you’re one of the 800,000 people working in automotive in the UK, then we’re here for you and your family.

Am I eligible?

If you work for, have worked for, or interact with the automotive industry, or you are a dependant of somebody who does, then you are eligible for Ben’s support.

If you are unsure you can always call our free and confidential helpline to verify – 08081 311 333.

Meet our Patron, President
& Board of Trustees

Ben is governed by a Board of Trustees who provide a wealth of experience and knowledge from the automotive industry and care sector.

Meet our Executive Team

Ben is managed by an Executive Team who ensure Ben achieves its core objectives of supporting increasingly more people, securing appropriate funding and developing long term partnerships with the automotive industry. 

Our history

Ben was founded in 1905 by A J Wilson while he was working for Dunlop tyres, and was originally called the Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund. At the time there were only a few hundred cars on the road and the automotive industry had yet to be born but by 1908, recognising the unstoppable rise of the car, ‘Motor’ was added to the fund’s name and in 1924 it became The Motor and Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund. The fund’s original aims were to provide help to people who fell on hard times (there was no welfare system until after WWII) by handing out grants via a network of local offices. Over the years various other benevolent funds were amalgamated into Ben, including coachbuilders and agricultural engineering, and now we support people from right across automotive and its allied trades.

In 1947 Ben bought the Lynwood site for £16,000 and opened a care home there in 1948. The fund moved from its London W1 HQ to Lynwood in 1972 and we’ve been there ever since. We now run three residential care centres and a day centre and our support services deliver far more than just grants, but our central aim – to help those in need – remains true. 

Download a timeline of our history.

Our community

Everyone who works, volunteers, fundraises for Ben – or who is part of the wider Ben family – shares the same passion – to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Knowing that, together with the automotive industry, we provide support that can turn people’s lives around, along with superb care services that enhance the lives of our residents and their families, makes us very proud.

At Ben we believe in respecting one another and listening to what every individual has to say – and we are driven and inspired to continually raise our game and make a difference. Each and every member of the Ben family has a role to play – and indeed is activity empowered – to deliver on our mission – to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Our industry partners

800,000 people work for the automotive industry in the UK.


Our industry partners are organisations that make, sell, service, insure, finance or provide automotive-related products and services.

It is through our partnerships with these organisations that we reach the automotive community, raising awareness of our services and letting people know that we are there for them, and their families, for life.  

Our industry partners play a vital role in funding the services we provide for people. The donations and support that we receive are varied – from sustainable giving mechanics to sponsored events, payroll giving to company team building.

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