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Photography tips

Young man wearing hat taking a picture using a camera

Hats on 4 Ben day is coming, you’ve got your headwear at the ready and now it’s time to shout about it! But if your photography skills are a bit rusty, have no fear – we have a whole range of top tips at the ready.


Feel self-conscious?

If the idea of putting a photo of yourself on social media makes your skin crawl, then why not focus on the hat instead?

Hold your phone up high, pull the brim down low and jazz it up with some funky filters or effects. You could even take a still life shot of your hat and work gear before you head out the door, or pop it on the bonnet of your car for an automotive feel.


Avoid positioning yourself in front of a window or with your back to the sun, as you can end up looking like a mysterious silhouette.

Similarly, ensure that you’re taking a photo in a room that’s light. Light directly above you can highlight bags under your eyes, while light from below can make you look like you’re in a horror movie. If possible, face a light source that’s at eye level as this is the most flattering. In fact, some phones have a flash designed for selfies that’s perfect for this!


Rather than taking a photo with your face straight on, experiment with tilting your head to the left or the right for a more interesting shot.

Rule of thirds

Try positioning your eye-line around one-third down from the top of the frame, and off to one side a little bit. If your phone or camera gives you the option to see gridlines, these are incredibly useful for adjusting composition.

Group shots

Squeeze in

When asked to pose for a photo, many groups – particularly work colleagues – will stand away from one another. Get them to bunch up so that they feel more like a group.

Get in as close as you can so that they fill as much of the frame as possible (unless there’s an element of the background that you’re keen to include).

Take multiple shots

This is especially important if you’re taking a photo of a larger group! There’s always one person who blinks/sneezes/gets distracted by a passing sports car. More photos increase your chances of getting that golden shot where everyone looks the right way!

Hedging your bets is also good for avoiding the dreaded blurry shot. Give your photos a quick check before you send everyone away to ensure that the pictures are in focus.


For a more interesting composition, get your colleagues positioned so that their heads are at different levels.  This could mean getting some people to sit or crouch.

Posing people on uneven levels by standing on a staircase or sitting on a set of boxes can also be great way to break up patterns of head levels.

Take command!

Be confident and assertive – direct people to where you’d like them to stand. It may help to have an idea in your head beforehand of where you’d like to take the photo and how you’d like it to look.

Have a giggle

Try playing about with smiles, jazz hands, jumps and other zany poses – this is meant to be fun, after all!

Show off your creations

Get your photos on social media with the hashtag #HatsOn4Ben and they may feature in our feeds!

More information

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