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The impact loneliness is having on our workforces and how employers can help

Zara Ross discusses the effect feeling lonely can have on employees

According to a number of studies, surveys and government statistics, we are becoming increasingly lonely as a society, with younger people and those of working age also missing out on much-needed human interaction. Zara Ross, Chief Executive of the automotive

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Supporting the emotional wellbeing of employees throughout their careers

Rachel Clift, Health & Wellbeing Director at Ben

Our Health & Wellbeing Director, Rachel Clift, has just been featured in Employee Benefits magazine talking about supporting the emotional wellbeing of employees throughout their careers. Rachel says: “Laying the foundations of trust and respect are paramount. We are human,

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Supporting employees in uncertain times

We are living through times of uncertainty at the moment, both politically and, in some parts of our industry, economically too. Whatever the reasons, a feeling of uncertainty is unpleasant and worrying for anyone experiencing it. Employees worried about their

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