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Mental health & wellbeing

Mental health & wellbeing

One in four adults and one in ten children experience some kind of mental health issue every year and many people find it hard to talk about how they are feeling.

Anything can tip the balance of mental health, from relationship problems, becoming a carer for a loved one, money worries, poor work-life balance, physical illness or social isolation. Sustaining good mental health is so important for overall health and wellbeing.   People experiencing mental health issues may find it difficult to work, which can lead to money worries, and may feel socially isolated because of the effect it has their relationships with family and friends.

Help and support is available

It takes real strength to admit you need help, whether it’s you or someone you care about who is struggling with mental health issues, but asking for support is the first step towards getting better. There is help and support available and, no matter how bad things seem, there is always hope.

How we help 

  • Supporting people in crisis
  • Counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and other therapies
  • Information, advice and guidance on maintaining good mental health
  • Support for carers of people with long-term conditions
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s support


  • Dementia care services
  • Safeguarding alerts
  • Non-urgent referrals
  • Referrals for local group support

See below for self-help tools and advice on how to maintain good mental health – and read more about our services and how Ben has helped people with mental health issues make lasting, positive change.

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