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Support services

Support services

Who we help

Anyone who works, or has worked, in the automotive industry and their family dependents. To find out whether you are eligible for our help, download the eligibility criteria below.

How we deliver our support

We deliver tailored one-to-one support via our free and confidential helpline, available on weekdays from 8am-8pm and accessible via the telephone, email, text and online chat. 

Online tips, advice and tools help you live and work well and prevent issues developing into a crisis.

What happens when someone calls Ben?

Our experienced, trained helpline staff start by checking eligibility for our support services. This is through appropriate proof of working, proof of having worked in the qualifying sectors of the automotive industry and associated trades, or proof of being a financial dependent of someone who works, or has worked, in the industry. Upon listening and appraising the situation, the helpline advisor will refer you to a case worker or client support advisor.

How we help

Assessment: once we’ve listened and understood the situation, we create a tailored plan for each individual, based on their preferences and needs.

Tailored support: we support people with a wide range of challenges including money problems, illness, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loneliness.  

Information, advice and guidance: we can provide information and advice around benefits claims, housing, care funding, mental and physical health issues and much more. 

Managed referrals:we work with a range of specialist organisations, referring people for counselling or assistance with ways to manage money and benefit entitlement. We refer clients as appropriate and we stay in touch throughout to make sure they are receiving effective support.

Therapy: we may fund therapy, relationship and family counselling or therapeutic interventions according to need.

Funding: for home adaptions to accommodate physical incapacity or short breaks for families dealing with life limiting or terminal illness.

Online tips, advice and tools: Our online tips, advice and tools provide people with information about a range of topics such as debt, mental wellbeing, loneliness and bullying provide much-needed support to help prevent issues arising or developing into a crisis.

Always here for you

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Eligibility criteria

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How to refer someone for support

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