Stress and pressure

Bill’s story

Bill’s story

Bill’s need for support came to light once his wife realised there was something bigger affecting her husband than just a few bad days at work.

My wife noticed I was coming home each day and wasn’t myself, often feeling low and struggling to cope with doing normal things. I just couldn’t find the energy to do anything. My wife was getting upset, saying it was painful to see me like this. She could see I needed help.

After feeling low for a long time, I had to have some time off work.  I remembered that I had seen a Ben leaflet at work so I decided to give them a call.

Once I started to open up to the Ben helpline advisor, it was such a relief. They were so calm and understanding. While we were talking, it became clear that I was feeling like this because of several issues in both my work and personal life.

Along with a very heavy workload and no rest from it, I had also suffered the loss of two family members within months of each other, with one passing away a week before I was due to get married. With pressure from work and several stresses in my personal life, it all built up and I was feeling down at a time when I should have been at my happiest. I felt lost, worthless and couldn’t face even the smallest task.

The helpline advisor at Ben said I needed support and guidance on how to improve the way I felt, and assured me they would do everything to help. The pressure felt like it was lifting straight away. I was referred to a Ben client support advisor who worked with me on a one-to-one basis.

After helping me to take a step back and refocus, I’m now able to stop things building up and try to address issues when they arise. It took a bit of time and work to get where I am now, but I feel more able to manage my stress so it doesn’t build up. I’m now enjoying life, especially spending quality time with my wife and daughter.

Now I’m back at work, I have a much better approach where I don’t worry about things I can’t change and I tell my manager if I’m struggling with my workload.

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone in a similar situation, I’d say contact Ben. I wished I had called sooner.



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