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Q4 Impact update
Jan – March’17

Q4 Impact update
Jan – March’17

Update from our CEO

Welcome to our Q4 Impact update which is the first of 2017. It has been a successful quarter for Ben, especially as we have been recently named as one of the top five payroll giving charities – next to some of the biggest names in the UK charity sector such as Cancer Research UK, Macmillan and the NSPCC. This is fantastic news for Ben and highlights how much we are generously supported by you, our automotive industry colleagues. So, thank you.

We hope you enjoy reading this packed update which highlights the key achievements during the quarter. We launched our financial health campaign in mid-January, which was important as finances tend to be a bigger concern for people following the festive season. As you may know, around half of all requests for help to Ben are related to financial health. Therefore, this campaign was instrumental in helping us raise awareness about the main worries that people in the industry were experiencing last year:  low income, housing arrears, money management and debt. We reached over 95,000 people in the industry through social media, the press and our email database.

This publication outlines who we helped and how we helped them, as well as how we continued to raise awareness about Ben within the industry. With your support, we helped over 1,000 people who contacted us during the quarter and we visited 84 company sites to raise awareness about our services face to face to around 3,000 automotive industry colleagues. 

In this quarter’s update you can also read about some other valuable sources of income for Ben – legacy gift income and donations from each new car sold in the UK. Additionally, you can find out about some fabulous events to get involved in and support – including our National Skydive, Automotive Challenge Cup and our Industry Leader Challenge. 

We are extremely grateful for your continuing support. Thank you to everyone who supported our various events and initiatives, donated and raised awareness about Ben. Without your help, we couldn’t continue to provide support for life to those working in our automotive industry.


Zara Ross
Chief Executive Officer

Reasons people contacted Ben for help this quarter...

Reasons people contacted Ben for help this quarter

Focus on financial health...

Money worries continue to be the biggest reason why people get in contact with Ben. Our financial health campaign highlighted the key issues for people working in the automotive industry.

Focusing on financial health Q4

Paul's story

This quarter we focused on raising awareness about financial health. This meant that we helped people like Paul…

Paul's story

Engagement with our industry

Payroll Giving update

Payroll giving is a tax efficient, easy way for you to support Ben. Each month you donate a regular amount that comes straight out of your salary on a tax-free basis.

Ben has recently been named as one of the top five payroll giving charities. Thank you to everyone who supports Ben by giving a monthly salary donation. You can find out more about payroll giving on our website.

Payroll Giving update diagram

Industry awareness

Ben runs awareness sessions specifically for employees in the workplace. Ben needs to be visible in the industry so these sessions are an important way of spreading awareness to let people know we’re here when they need support.Update on awareness in the industry

UK vehicle sales contributions 2017

UK vehicle sales contributions 2Ben gets a small contribution from each new car sold in the UK. UK car production grew 7.5% in January to 147,922 units, which was the best January performance since 2008. 

This means that there have been more funds for Ben to give back to the industry by supporting its people.

Leaving a legacy to Ben

Leaving a legacyWe are very grateful to those who have left a gift to Ben in their will

This income is greatly appreciated and extremely important for Ben to continue providing its much-needed support to the industry

If you would like to contribute a personal legacy and give a gift in your will to continue your support of the industry, please see our leaflet online ‘Ben in your Will – Leaving a gift’ or contact Ben’s Supporter Relations Manager.

Events update

Jaguar Land Rover Channel Swim  – August 2017 

ILC stats

Jeremy Hicks, MD of Jaguar land Rover UK, will be swimming the English Channel in August 2017 with a team of colleagues. Jeremy chose the Channel Swim Challenge as he felt it would test him physically and mentally as well as require extraordinary team effort.


Automotive Challenge Cup – 15th June 2017


The Automotive Challenge Cup is an exciting corporate sailing event for our industry and combines a packed itinerary of networking, team building and yacht racing, whilst raising valuable funds for Ben.

Book now – only 4 spaces left!
(first come first served). Visit our website www.ben.org.uk or contact the events team on 01344 298138

The English Channel  is 21 miles wide and has taken between 7 and 27 hours to swim. 

To find out more and support the challenge visit our website.

Dontate here: www.justgiving.com/JLRchannelswim


National Skydive – 7th July 2017


Ben is pleased to present its first ever National Skydive event! In July we will see a number of supporters jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet from locations across the UK to raise funds for Ben and we’re inviting you to join us. Are you ready to jump for Ben?

There’s still time to sign up on our website or contact the events team on 01344 298 138.