Coping with Menopause - Ben

Coping with Menopause

Coping with Anxiety

Who's it for? Suitable for individuals who want a better understanding of menopause and how to manage it's impact on their life

Duration: Two hours

Delivery: Face-to-face or virtual

No. delegates face-to-face: 24

No. delegates virtually: 24

Course overview

• Coping with Menopause helps women feel confident to talk about and manage menopause

• Help highlight some of the challenges that women (and men) face during the menopause

• Separates the facts from the fiction around menopause and provide an understanding of the options available to help manage menopausal symptoms

Course Structure

  • Welcome & Introduction - Identify personal objectives
  • Terminology – Understand the main terms used when discussing menopause
  • Menopause – An overview of the biology of menopause, symptoms and the impact on work, home and social life.
  • Management Options – Understand the medical and non-medical treatment options including Hormone Replacement Therapy, herbal, complementary and lifestyle options.
  • Personal Philosophy – Identify delegate’s personal philosophy around menopause.
  • Action Plan – prepare an individual menopause action plan
  • Further resources – signposting to further help and guidance


Why Ben Training?

With mental wellbeing high on the automotive industry agenda, Ben Training is here to help. We deliver effective health and wellbeing training to people working in automotive, supporting everyone from shop floor to top floor to build the self-awareness and good habits that promote resilient mental health, and the skills to help others

Ben Training offers a comprehensive range of face-to-face and online courses and all profits go towards providing support for life to automotive people and their family dependents

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