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Total Home Test Kit

Price £129

Track and improve your health with the Total Home Test Kit. You’ll receive 37 key readings covering your liver and kidney function, cholesterol levels, bone health and protein levels, plus a full blood count to help assess your blood health and immune system.

This kit also includes a vitamin D test to help assess deficiency, particularly in the winter months, plus a thyroid function test to help detect thyroid disorders. And as a free added extra, we also provide an optional session with one of our experienced Virtual Health Coaches who will guide you through the process of collecting your blood sample live via webcam.

Total Home Test Kit

The Total Home Test Kit will suit you if you’re looking for a general overview of your health and wellbeing to help ensure you’re at your healthiest.

Despite its low-cost, you’ll receive a comprehensive blood analysis that can help you if you’re:

• Looking to understand and improve your general health

• Curious about what’s happening inside your body

• Making lifestyle changes (such as a new diet or exercise regime) and want to understand the effect it’s having on your body

• Using wearable tech to track your heart rate and want to know what else is happening inside your body

What’s included?

Your Total Home Test Kit includes:

• A sample blood collection kit sent straight to your door

• Results within 8 days of full UKAS accredited laboratory analysis

• Access to your results through your own secure online MyWellness account

• 24/7 GP Helpline access

Once you’ve completed your test and sent your sample back to the lab, your results should be ready to view on your MyWellness dashboard within 8 days.

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