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Prices £129-£269

Suitable for males and females aged 18-79, particularly those who are concerned about heart health, stroke and blood clot risks.

Active Package £129

Your great value entry-level package includes key readings covering your heart health and stroke risk, liver and kidney health, general health markers and more.

This package is a good entry-level health MOT. It covers a range of areas relevant for males and females who want a general overview of their heart health and stroke risk. You’ll receive over 50 key readings covering heart, liver, kidneys, stroke risk, blood clots right the way through to iron, calcium, cholesterol and glucose levels, highlighting any risk areas before they become problematic.

On top of the blood tests and body composition analysis, the package also includes an ECG check for atrial fibrillation. This is a common condition which can increase your risk of stroke up to 5 times. If you’re looking for a general set of baseline tests, this package is for you.

Core Package £169

As well as all the checks included in the Active package, your Heart and Stroke Core package also includes a full blood count giving an additional 13 readings covering several conditions which affect the blood.

Building on the Active package, the Core package provides you with a more detailed overview of your heart health and stroke risk, with the addition of a haematology profile (full blood count), which provides a greater insight into common blood disorders including anaemia, haemophilia, blood clots and blood cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Complete Package £269

Your Heart and Stroke Complete package is the most comprehensive cardiovascular health package we offer. As well as all the checks included in the Heart and Stroke Core package, your Complete package also includes a private GP consultation and a PLAC test to check your artery health.

The Complete package provides you with our most extensive range of non-invasive heart health tests available. Your cardiovascular, blood and artery health will all be examined and reported back to you in plain English with no medical jargon. The package includes a private GP consultation you can use at any point after your health assessment, this gives you the opportunity to discuss your results and any areas of concern privately with an expert.

Together with the additional information from your GP consultation and the personalised guidance in your Results Report, you’ll be able to take steps to improve your heart health. Ultimately, the package can help you reduce your risk of suffering heart disease, poor cardiovascular health and stroke.

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