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BenWell takes the guesswork out of employee wellbeing

Ben has been proudly supporting the automotive family for over 115 years and, by combining our unique insight with intelligent technology, we created BenWell, a new approach to wellbeing for automotive employers.

Getting a handle on the wellbeing of your people is hard, especially in an industry like automotive. We often have to rely on anecdotal evidence, gut feel or emerging trends and then apply a broad, generic message to colleagues in the hope it hits the spot – and it will for some, but definitely not for all. Wellbeing is personal to each individual, and, with some notable exceptions, one issue rarely affects whole teams of people, let alone divisions or entire business locations.

Gaining accurate, timely data to give you a detailed view has been difficult, if not impossible - until now. With BenWell, your employees can quickly and easily tell you how they feel, as individuals, giving you a real-time picture of what’s happening on the ground. As a result, you can create targeted solutions that really work for your people, and build greater employee satisfaction, retention and productivity for your business.

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