Who attends the Ben Ball?
Many well-known companies from across the automotive industry attend each year. We welcome guests from sectors including retail, manufacturing, aftermarket (service and repair), finance and remarketing.

What is the full address of the venue?
The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Rd, Camden Town, London NW1 8EH.

What is the maximum number of places on a table?
The maximum number of places on a table is 12.

What is the minimum number of guests to have a dedicated table?
The minimum number of guests needed to fill a table is 8. However, bookings with less than 8 guests will join others to fill a table.

Can I buy individual tickets?
Yes, you can buy individual tickets and you will share a table with others who have also booked individual tickets.

What is the dress code?
The dress code is formal – black tie.

When can I invite my guests?
You’ll receive invitations to send to your guests in August, but feel free to ask them to save the date beforehand.

When will I receive my tickets for the night?
Tickets will be sent to you in October, along with the final timings for the event and a copy of the menu.

Do you provide place setting names for the table?
We don’t provide place name settings, however you are welcome to create these for the guests on your table.

Any other questions?
If you have any queries at this stage, get in touch with the events team on 01344 298137.